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 Newtec Pistol  Club

Donated Firearm

April, 2016

Newtec Pistol Club Inc would like to express gratitude to Grycol International Pty Limited for the kind gesture of donating a Smith and Wesson .22 Revolver Model 17 . This will greatly assist us in training new candidates in the art of pistol shooting, coaching and training.

With such a fine firearm, this is a win win for all involved as it will allow all shooters under instruction to fully appreciate the quality of Smith and Wesson, and being exposed to such a fine piece of equipment it may possibly influence their next purchase decision.

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Firearms ACT

Members and Vistors are REQUIRED to sign the Attendance Book on Entry.

Firearms ACT

Children UNDER the age of 12 are not permitted on Ranges .

Newtec Club Committee

Eye & Ear Protection MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES whilst engaging in shooting.