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 Newtec Pistol  Club

How to be a member of our Club

Newtec Pistol Club Incorporated

Steps, Policy and Procedure

  1. Attend the club on a Saturday morning from 09:30 - 12:30 pm. Ask to speak to the Club Secretary. Fill out our ‘Membership Application form’ as well as a ‘P650 Police Form’ this can be obtained from the Secretary.

  2. You will need 100pts of identification, e.g. Drivers Licence, A-B Shooters Licence, Pass-port, Birth Certificate, Medicare card or other card with a photo and documentation of your home address. The Cat H HANDGUN safety training course certificate fees are based on club membership and this includes handgun and ammunition use under direct one on one supervision with a qualified Cat H Safety Instructor. The club fees are pro-rata and your fee will be refunded if withdrawn or an unsuccessful application to join.

  3. Prospective applicants will be tabled at the next committee meeting on the 2nd Saturday of each month. If there are no objections to your submitted membership application, you will be accepted at that committee meeting. After that period of membership application submission, feel free to ring the Club’s Secretary or Captain on Ph 02 49589134 Wednesday or Saturday 9 am to 12pm for an update. For failed applications, you will be contacted by phone or email within 28days. Applications may be closed at any time during the year.

  4. Once you have been accepted as a Probationary Member you will need to attend the club ASAP. At the Club, contact the Club Secretary. He will then connect you to the Captains and safety trainers so they can make arrangements to start your safety instruction via an appointment. You will be required to wear a safety vest to complete your Cat H hand gun safety training course certificate and whilst at the range in this period before issue of a Probationary Pistol Licence. This also applies to a P650 applicant. You have a period of 12 weeks to complete your safety instruction certificate. Failure to complete this within that period will result in a failed membership. A new application may then apply with additional fees.

  5. Now contact the Firearms Registry by phone 1300 362562 or complete the online form for a Cat H Pistol Licence.

      • The forms you require from the Police is P561 Application for Personal Fire Arms Licence form
      • P660 Genuine Reason Form - Your club membership is your genuine reason for Cat H that gets filled out on the P660 form by the clubs Secretary

  6. While waiting for the return of your licence, you can still shoot under instruction of a full cat H member. Remember to complete 3 Scoring shoots at the club before the end of your first 6 month term. You will be required to send into FAR a PPL Completion certificate before that 6 month term lapses. This must be signed off by the Secretary or clubs authority personal. There is always something happening at the Club so don’t be a stranger, make yourself known to other members in the club house, grab a bite to eat, coffee or tea and join in.

  7. Once your Licence has returned, remember that you have to inform the Secretary of your licence details as the Club has to by law, keep a register of all the club members and their personal details. That’s the Law.

For all other enquiries regarding joining the pistol club, please come to the range on Saturday mornings

For Longarms (Class A & B) Qualification Courses please contact either:

Ken Thompson 0402 441 956 (Second Saturday of each month by appointment)

or SSAA Certified Instructors

Jason Donkin  0488 601 114 (Any time by appointment)

Lindsay Gosbee    0403 629 217 (Any time by appointment)

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      Firearms ACT

      Members and Vistors are REQUIRED to sign the Attendance Book on Entry.

      Firearms ACT

      Children UNDER the age of 12 are not permitted on Ranges .

      Newtec Club Committee

      Eye & Ear Protection MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES whilst engaging in shooting.